Elections a powerful and a most important weapon of the democracy . The people use to choose their own leaders . But does this elections happen fairly in my opinion I would say definitely not the political parties are generally bribing the people to vote for them and the people will only show their honesty in this election like which political party gives more money they will cast their vote to them . In my state the two most powerful powerful parties for almost 4 to 5 decades the DMK and ADMK . I am gonna the incidence which happen in this election DMK has given 300 for every eligible citizen who will cast his vote and ADMK has given 500 . Surely people will cast their vote to ADMK the same happened during the results the ADMK has won the election in my constituency. I guess nobody gets to know the value of their votes he is giving 500 for entire 5 years in return he is getting 1 lakh salary for every month every year 3 croes developement funds in their respective constituency no flight tickets medical expenses and many more and what are we getting 500 man 1 kg of mutton is 750 I dont know when will people take elections seriously and vote for the right candiate I just hope some day it changes

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