*If you like something just because other people gonna like its a sure bet no one is gonna like it. * Most doors in this world are closed if you find one door which you wanna go in make sure that will be a interesting knock. * Lean into it the outcome doesn’t matter whether… Continue reading Thoughts

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Love only love

The World is very violent. We were only saved by love . Love for each other and the love we pour into the art. We feel compelled to share. Being a painter beings a parent a friend we live in a burning building we must save from it and all the time we need Is… Continue reading Love only love


As myself been an introvert . I just thought of some thoughts so lets see. *We usually get freaked out when a unknown person calls unless its from the one person with whom we can talk anything without the fear of been judged. * Introverts are always has a image that they are rude and… Continue reading INTROVERTS


Oh my god bitch how can she dress like this wear a crop top and a skinny jeans . This is not our culture What is our culture then? Systematically dividing the society on the basis of caste opressing more than 60% of the population depriving them.from civil right education and even sometimes food( starve… Continue reading Untitled

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