Online job scams

Hi guys i know i have not written any blogs for almost 20 days and i have not seen any blogs of my fellow bloggers because I thought i was busy in doing some kind of work but i am being cheated by a online job scam company and frankly speaking this is not the… Continue reading Online job scams


You can sound confident and have anxiety you can look healthy but feel like crap you can look happy but feel miserable inside you can be good looking and feel ugly so be kind to everyone because no one knows the battle the other guy is fighting

Late night thoughts­čśü

Call me an orthodox but i still beleive in true love. The love which never leaves the love which always stays forever the one where all your dream comes true the one in which we live happily ever after. Your words never breaks promises untill our hairs turn grey and you keep falling in love… Continue reading Late night thoughts­čśü

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Discrimination the word which refers to treating one person worse than the others its one of the worse things in the world . To be frank in india there is lot of discriminating things which needs to be discussed among the people . So far i am concerned the discrimination between rich and poor is… Continue reading DISCRIMINATION


The tragedy of life is our inability to make people stay somethings are just not meant to be nomatter how much you wish to me no matter how hard you try some people will eventually slip away. All you can do is to give them your love show them how much you care try to… Continue reading LOVE FAILURE


Social media a platform which gives us to explore various things . For example I am in chennai but I have the access to read the various beautiful blogs with the wordpress we can study through online it helps us to stay connected with friends it also helps to make new friends across states countries… Continue reading SOCIAL MEDIA


Home is a place where heart is this pharse actually suits very well . Yesterday when I was in chennai its kind of busy not knowing about everything amist all the choas surroundings what will happen to our future .Daily traffics in a hectic city sometimes we also feel that we are not worthy enough… Continue reading HOME


Dogs man they are the best and cutest creatures . We had our pet (johnny) when I was studying 11th standard from that time I got scared of having a dog in our home . Now it been over 6 years and johnny has become a important part of our lives he has become a… Continue reading PETS


Hi everyone hope everyone had a great day . So as far todays topic its kind of very little things which we fail to acknowledge the efforts of our parents and the life we had got okay when I was travelling in bus I saw a lot of young kids just selling things like books… Continue reading SHARING