Elections a powerful and a most important weapon of the democracy . The people use to choose their own leaders . But does this elections happen fairly in my opinion I would say definitely not the political parties are generally bribing the people to vote for them and the people will only show their honesty… Continue reading Elections


In india the second wave of corona is not spreading like a fire its spreading like a strong wave like a tsunami the situation here is very bad . For almost 500 peoples are dying most of the patients are not even getting proper oxygen beds there is no place to a death patients for… Continue reading COVID

Going with the flow

You know the secret to the happy life is to not think to much. Its not necessary to think to much before doing any work. I mean its okay for things to not make sense some time….right ? Sometimes you just need to chill and switch your brains off let your brain go for a… Continue reading Going with the flow


We feel extermely happy when everything goes in our way . All the fears anxiety and insecurities we forget all these craps when we are with our friends and talking our old stuffs which had been of more than a decade but it still feels fresh . And in life there always will be issues… Continue reading F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Online job scams

Hi guys i know i have not written any blogs for almost 20 days and i have not seen any blogs of my fellow bloggers because I thought i was busy in doing some kind of work but i am being cheated by a online job scam company and frankly speaking this is not the… Continue reading Online job scams

Late night thoughts­čśü

Call me an orthodox but i still beleive in true love. The love which never leaves the love which always stays forever the one where all your dream comes true the one in which we live happily ever after. Your words never breaks promises untill our hairs turn grey and you keep falling in love… Continue reading Late night thoughts­čśü

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