Its been over two months of my last post . Seriously speaking I have no idea what should i write and suddenly lots of thoughts also occur in my brain . Likewise why should I write a blog post not even a single person is reading my post . Then whats the reason of writing… Continue reading NOTHING


In life everyperson whom we come across teaches us something and they even dont know that how valuable lesson they have thought us the person may be 5 years old or 50 years old we have to listen to everyone and take the things which will make us better person. The same thing happened to… Continue reading SELF LOVE


Colourism is the one of the major issue which need to be fixed. It may look as the normal issue but it is the most important issue . Not exagratting more lets get straight to the issue the colourism occurs due to the mindset of the people everybody thinks that white is beauty and the… Continue reading COLOURISM


Gosping it is the most interesting thing . People always love to interfere in others life . Its nature of others people to see what others are doing in their life rather than looking their own back whats going in their life but we only enjoy by seeing others life and we easily judge others… Continue reading GOSIPING


Humanity is that is all we needed in this world the time of the global crisis and a pandemic peroid of corona many people are helping other with what they have and celebrity are also doing as much as they can noteably bollywood actor sonu sood is sending immigrant workers to their home by his… Continue reading HUMANITY

Online job scams

There are many people who intent earn money but their circumstances does not allow them to do that because of their various commitment so people choose different way to earn money that was online job there are lot of online jobs in India. But only few people which company where legal and which are scammers… Continue reading Online job scams

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton