Social media a platform which gives us to explore various things . For example I am in chennai but I have the access to read the various beautiful blogs with the wordpress we can study through online it helps us to stay connected with friends it also helps to make new friends across states countries and even continents . But through social media people easily judge other people the troll other people just for the fact that they didnot agree with their ideas . Even though the opposite person doesnt even know whom he was taking to but he curses him with abusive words just for the fact he does not agrees with him . I think everyone gonna agree with it during our childhood days most of us want to become a actors or a cricketers but in this time they are one who mostly got troll for no reasons . An actor is having a relationship with an women who is a mother and a divorce suddenly all the people are targeting their instagram how can she have a relationship when she has grown up child . Seriously it none of our business but they are getting trolled now a days people are very judgemental they think they can easily interfere in anyone life with taking their permission. Mike Tyson once said that social media made all the way for people to disrespecting others without getting punched on their face. We just have to stop being judgemental to others by being non judgemental many social media fights will easily get over

By day Dreamer

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