Dogs man they are the best and cutest creatures . We had our pet (johnny) when I was studying 11th standard from that time I got scared of having a dog in our home . Now it been over 6 years and johnny has become a important part of our lives he has become a family member . Johnny has also changed my ideas towards love he has taught me many things . By seeing him grow it felt like a pure bliss he has taught me to be happy with little things how to love someone unconditionally without expecting anything from return . I still remeber when johnny bite one of my friend my father beat the hell of him . If the same happened with me I would have not talked to him from more than a week but what johnny did was quite interesting after got beaten by my father he went straight to my father to to get cuddled by him . That day I saw how the pets find their happiness in small things .

This picture was taken when I was playing with this ball alone . I was not giving any sort of attention to him . Wat he did after that was quite furious thing he just teared the ball apart just for the fact I was not giving him attention . Johnny is kind of a angry man he is an attention seeker😅 after this ball incident I didnt give him any kind of attention for almost a day . Then he kept pulling me for almost a day my father and mom also insisted me to play with johnny. When I played with him he was on cloudnine he was so happy . One day when i was scrolling random videos the man in the video told that how pets find happiness in small things and they just need time while humans where busy in external things like money clothes but the pets just want time with their loved one . That day when johnny teared my ball I felt bad but then after this video I realised that johnny just needed time with me to spent his day but I was busy in my own thing so he got angry and teared my ball . Just a wish that everyone will like animals to find happiness in humans not on external things.

By day Dreamer

Blogger and just a simple kid


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